DCG Acquires Alphora



Database Consulting Group LLC ( DCG) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Alphora and its flagship product Dataphor. DCG intends to further the objectives embodied in the Dataphor product, and expand Dataphor’s adoption, both commercially and in the development community. To that end, Alphora is committed to providing continued support and development on Dataphor for existing and future production deployments. A product roadmap and updated pricing is now available on the alphora.com website.

See Alphora.com for Dataphor support and services.

In order to encourage adoption and to further the ideals of Dataphor, DCG is excited to announce that Dataphor has been established as an open source project under a OSI approved license. This website is dedicated to fostering a community where Dataphor developers can share ideas, code, solutions, and support. Details regarding contribution and source code access are available here.